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Looking for data?

Public data: Get public data using our Public Data API.

More data: Want more than this? Create a project to connect directly with members and their data.

Want to see your project on our site?

We invite you to add your project – we would love to share it! It's free & works immediately. You can integrate an app, or use e-consent to deploy the project entirely within Open Humans.

Want to make some of your data public?

Public data can be a great good for society. In many cases, the data you've connected to Open Humans wouldn't otherwise be publicly shared due to privacy concerns – but privacy preferences vary. To learn more, read about our Public Data Sharing feature.

For questions and concerns about the Public Data Sharing feature, you may contact:

Questions about security?

We take security seriously. In addition to ensuring that we use secure methods for our website and data, we've developed a set of security guidelines for research partner websites to follow. You can read them in full.

If you've discovered a security issue, please contact us privately at

General questions

For general questions about the Open Humans site, write to us at